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            3. 480-784-4833

              Wet & Dry Vacuum Services

              Air mover services are performed with wet and dry Vactor units throughout the Southwest U.S. The equipment is self-contained, truck-mounted, and dispatched with service support personnel and vehicles. The air mover equipment is designed to service wet/dry wells, grit chambers, digesters, sludge beds, and utility services.

              CT also has auxiliary support equipment to perform industrial pipe cleaning, cooling tower services, boiler decontamination, filter media removal, and water blasting.

              • Guzzler ACE NX
                Guzzler ACE NX

                This air mover vacuums dry material, but because of it's special bags, it can also vacuum up wet material and it will not ruin the bags. Using its vacuum recovery system the bag house/cyclone is self cleaning and returns any debris back to the debris tank while holding continuous vacuum.

                This truck includes a dense phase offload system. It is possible to vacuum out a silo and pressure off the material in the debris body into another vessel. High dump capability is also included.

              • Vactor 2200
                Vactor 2200


                This air mover is designed to vacuum wet material and is a combination unit having a jett rodder reel on the front of the unit. This allows CT to jett a line and vacuum the water created at the same time using the same truck. The truck is also equipped with a high dump capability. Located on the side of the unit is a pressure washer out let, mainly utilized for our hydro excavation projects, as well as tank cleaning projects.

              • VAC-CON Combination Sewer Cleaner
                VAC-CON Combination Sewer Cleaner

                The Vac-Con is a great truck used for vacuuming wet material. It has a articulating, telescoping boom and is also a combination unit with a jetter rodder reel on the front of the unit.

                What makes this jett rodder stand out is that it puts out water at 100 GPM at 2,500 psi. Located on the side is a low pressure and high pressure, pressure washer out put that allows you to do tank washing, hydro excavation, or just a quick rinse down.

              • Vector Vec-Loader
                Vector Vec-Loader

                This air mover is a special unit and can be utilized in many different situations. Being a trailer mounted unit allows us to maneuver it into very tight corners. The unit is used for dry and sometimes wet material.

                This unit is completely self-contained and will vacuum and directly discharge wet or dry materials into a truck, roll off bin, super sack, or other collection device.

              • Carbon Removal
                Carbon Removal


                Vacuuming carbon from a vessel.





              • VAC-CON High Dump
                VAC-CON High Dump


                Utilizing the high dump capability and dumping directly into a roll off bin.





              • Pond Cleaning
                Pond Cleaning


                Using our Vactor unit to vacuum up water and debris up an incline from over 100' away.





              • Tank Cleaning
                Tank Cleaning


                Vacuuming wet material from an open top tank