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            3. 480-784-4833


              Employment opportunities

              At Chemical Transportation, Inc. (CT) we are always looking for qualified individuals to add to our team. Please feel free to contact us regarding any position openings.

              •     Remediation Technicians
              •     Experienced Commercial Drivers with Tanker, Double/Triple, & Hazmat Endorsements.
              •     Maintenance Technicians
              •     Administrative Staff


              Thank you for your interest in Chemical transportation!


              Please click the link below to view our open positions:

              Job Openings


              Company Benefits:

              • 401(k) retirement plan – up to $1,000 annual employer match
              • Quarterly safety bonus incentive and other safety awards
              • Annual vacation pay
              • 6 paid holidays per year
              • Bi-weekly pay
              • Local and regional routes
              • Wellness program - complimentary benefit
              • Uniforms available at no cost
              • Hotel room and per diem for overnights

              Outstanding health benefits after 60 days, with affordable premiums: 

              • Medical
              • Dental
              • Vision
              • Short term disability
              • Long term disability
              • Employee assistance program
              • Life insurance for employee, spouse & children



              CTI EOE Logo


              Benefit Providers