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              Safety & Compliance

              Trucking Safety Image PROGRAM GOAL

              Safety is a number one priority for Chemical Transportation,for the company as a whole, and individually for our employees. CT's Goal of Safety Compliance Program is "Zero"- Zero Accidents, Zero Injuries, Zero Incidents, and Zero Tolerance. CT complies with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

              Safety can be viewed as having two separate and important elements. There is the safety that comes from having good equipment operated by experienced and thoughtful employees and there is its counterpart that revolves around the regulatory elements. Our customers cannot be satisfied with competent people alone. In today's heavily regulated environment, that competence must be documented, measured, tested and monitored.

              In addition to this we have always worked to present and package our programs in a way that makes it easy for the customer to perform due diligence and integrate CT into their own safety systems.  Some key items are cited below.


              For specific projects, the central element of the safety program is the Site Safety and Control Plan.  The core of its content is comprised of four elements:  hazard identification and mitigation; emergency measure availability; critical contact information; and measures for contamination control.  Its purpose is to require the crew members to think through each these critical elements before beginning work.  This greatly reduces the probability of mishaps and helps to attenuate their effect should they occur.



              CT utilizes a pre-employment medical and fitness-for-duty screening process, as well as a routine medical surveillance program for employees that work on hazardous waste sites or with hazardous chemicals.  Employees are also subject to random drug and alcohol testing.


              CT’s tractors are installed with PeopleNet (Electronic Log) devices to record duty status, speed, and location and to ensure electronic log changes are in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations. PeopleNet is consistently monitored by the Safety Department.

              An equipment maintenance program is in place to periodically verify that tools and equipment are in safe working order.


              Our employees are professionally certified and re-certified in Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA), Hazardous Waste (HAZWOPER), Hazardous Materials, Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials, Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) Contractor Qualified, Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) Compliance, Confined Space Entry & Rescue, Advanced First Aid & CPR, Powered Industrial Truck Certified, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection, Fire Protection, Lockout/Tagout, Bloodborne Pathogens, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), and more. Operators are certified in the use of specific equipment on job-sites.


              Federal Motor Carrier
              Safety Administration

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              outstanding safety report

              DOT # 187957

              Mine Safety and Health

              Hazardous waste safety report - arizona

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              activity report

              MSHA contractor# e756

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