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            3. Welcome to CTI, Inc.

              As the preeminent dry bulk hauler in the Southwestern United States, we employ over 275 drivers and maintain a fleet of 300 tractors.  Utilizing innovative technologies and twelve strategically located facilities, our service area covers the Southwestern United States and allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our customers.

              Our hauling capabilities have expanded to include copper concentrate, acid, fuel, and other liquids.  Our flatbed trailers allow us to haul sacked commodities, pavers and roofing materials.

              Our Mission

              We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest transportation service available.

              The value of a satisfied customer is immeasurable.  Our mission is to achieve the safe, timely transportation and delivery of each customer’s product.


              CTI has evolved from a small local hauling business started in 1930 by the Gibbons family in Tucson, Arizona.  The company operated as Cement Transporters, Inc. until 1977 when several family businesses were consolidated as CTI.  Today, CTI’s regional trucking operations are run by Gregg Gibbons, Chief Executive Officer and son of the founder G.L. “Rusty” Gibbons and Tom Jones, President.

              While our core business continues to be hauling bulk commodities throughout the Southwest region of the United States, we have diversified into other commodities such as sulfuric acid and copper concentrate.