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            3. 480-784-4833

              Frac Tank Cleaning

              CT utilizes a variety of tools and equipment to clean frac tanks. Once the frac tank has been emptied of its liquid, with one of our Vacuum Trucks, our experienced technicians begin to saturate the walls, floor and ceiling with de-greaser to remove any built up debris from the tank. Using a 4,000 psi pressure washer, with water that is heated up to 200 degrees, our technicians begin to wash the walls, ceiling, and floor until the frac tank is clean.  The wash water is then vacuumed up and the waste is taken to a disposal facility. Being considered a confined space, the air is monitored before entry and a Coppus fan is used through out the process.

              • Frac Tank Cleaning #1
                Frac Tank Cleaning #1
              • Frac Tank Cleaning #2
                Frac Tank Cleaning #2
              • Frac Tank After Cleaning
                Frac Tank After Cleaning