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              mission - arizona environmental servicesOur mission is to reliably provide service with value that exceeds cost. This invariably requires an intense focus on safety, regulatory compliance and efficiency. We employ skilled, experienced professionals and equip them with the resources that they need to fulfill this central goal. Teamwork and brainstorming discussions are cultivated and often result in improved efficiencies and sometimes even novel approaches that benefit the customer. Clients benefit from the knowledge and cohesiveness of our field staff, as most of our team members have worked together and been with CT for a number of years.

              Our quality service is accomplished by holding the following in the highest regards:

              Core Values

              The Protection & Preservation of the Environment

                  We put forth the extra effort to insure that we exceed what is required to leave a better world to our children.

                  We use equipment and implement facility operations that minimize negative envrionmental impacts.

                  We take a proactive approach to environmental issues.


                  We understand that to succeed we must perform in unison, not as separate divisions within our Company.

                  We realize that we are all one in the eyes of the customer and therefore, we recognize that every employee is crucial toward customer satisfaction.


                  Be SAFE. ZERO-Accidents, Injuries, Incidents, & Tolerance.

                  Do it right the first time.

                  Be cost effective.


                  We appreciate the commitment our customers give us. We are also aware that they have a choice in their service proviers.

                  We understand that without customers, we no longer have a mission.

                  Our customers will always be treated fairly and respectfully.