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              About Chemical Transportation, Inc. Phoenix

              Chemical Transportation, Inc. (CT) headquartered out of Phoenix, Arizona and is a full-service transportation and environmental remediation company who provides service throughout the Southwest United States.  CT is a wholly owned subsidiary of CTI, Inc. an Arizona based corporation providing inter and intra state transportation of bulk materials. CTI, Inc. was founded in 1930 by G. L. "Rusty" Gibbons and is currently run by his son Gregg Gibbons. CT was originally incorporated as Chemical Disposal Company in 1980. In 1993, CT's name was changed to Chemical Transportation, Inc. to mirror the initials of its parent company CTI.

              ?Initially, CT's scope of service involved transportation only. In the early years, CT had a fleet of vans, end dumps, and tankers moving waste from coast to coast. With government mandated waste minimization, new on-site waste treatment technology, and the introduction of freight haulers in the hazwaste transportation arena, CT expanded its scope and geographic area to meet new and ever changing service opportunities. As CT entered the new millennium, the Company found itself providing a myriad of diverse services and innovative solutions for issues its consumer base encountered.  

              Our goal is to bring together highly talented, committed individuals who work together for the success of our clients' projects. We take pride in what we do and it shows in our work. Our unparalleled level of service helps us to establish client relationships based on trust and teamwork.

              CT has over 30 years experience working with small businesses, municipalities and Fortune 100 corporations. Our services are built on our penchant for problem solving and include such things as: hydro-blasting/industrial cleaning; filter media service; waste treatment and packaging; vacuum services; vessel cleaning and a full gamut of environmental transportation offerings.

              CT has continued to evolve, expanding into new business niches as new technologies and regulatory requirements change the nature of the industry.