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              Waste Management Services

              Waste Management

              Our services expand and contract according to each customer's unique needs and can including sampling and analysis, creating and managing profiles, waste consolidation, transportation and disposal for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams. CT operates a 10-day transfer facility in both Phoenix and El Paso for RCRA hazardous and non-hazardous waste, resulting in cost savings to our clients.

              Waste Treatment

              CT can provide turnkey on-site waste treatment services for certain waste. From initial sampling plans that include the development of treatment recipes and technology, through the waste treatment and declassification process, we have the expertise to provide cost effective alternatives to off-site treatment.

              Waste Minimization Studies

              Waste disposal, and the administrative burdens that accompany it, consume valuable resources. Staff specialists routinely evaluate systems and offer process technology designed to minimize waste generated for disposal, whether it involves equipment design or reclassification of spent materials for reuse or recycling.


              Waste can be generated as a result of real estate investigations, plant shutdowns, or enforcement actions. Wastes are identified, characterized, re-containerized, and/or consolidated appropriately for transportation and final disposal.

              • Pad Clean Up
                Pad Clean Up
              • Corrosive Transfer 1
                Corrosive Transfer 1
              • Corrosive Transfer 2
                Corrosive Transfer 2
              • Sulfuric Acid Transfer
                Sulfuric Acid Transfer
              • Drum Tipper
                Drum Tipper

                Adding soil to the PC Soil bin saves our customers money. This is an example of  waste consolidation.

              • Waste Repacking
                Waste Repacking

              Services Include:

              • Waste Management Consolidation
              • Waste Management Brokering
              • Waste Recycling
              • Profile Management
              • Lab Packing
              • Stabilization
              • Treatment
              • Sampling
              • Drum Crushing
              • NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material)