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            3. 480-784-4833


              Transportation Services

              Hazardous Materials, Non- Hazardous Materials, and Waste

              Originally incorporated as a hazwaste transportation services company, CT was the first such company to be domiciled in Arizona, and in fact, was one of the first in the entire Southwest. Transportation remains a significant part of business and augments our remedial services.

              Operations and drivers are specifically trained in transporting a variety of chemical waste, utilizing various types of equipment and containers to locations throughout the US and Mexico. A variety of transportation equipment is domiciled in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

              Equipment is available for long-term lease at customer facilities and includes frac tanks, roll-off's, de-watering containers, and other equipment as needed.

              • Stainless Steel Tanker
                Stainless Steel Tanker
              • Carbon Steel Tanker
                Carbon Steel Tanker
              • Roll Off Bin Trailer
                Roll Off Bin Trailer

              Services Include:

              • Vacuum Tankers
              • Bin Services
              • Bulk
              • Hazardous Waste
              • Hazardous Materials
              • Non- Hazardous
              • Used Oil
              • Universal Waste