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            3. 480-784-4833


              Industrial / Remediation Services

              Chemical Transportation is a top-tier provider of environmental services, hazardous waste management, and remediation in Arizona and beyond.   Our proven industry expertise allows clients to focus on their core business, achieve cost savings and simplify the burden of regulatory compliance.   CT has the experience and resources to provide complete professional site remediation with minimal business disruption and with confidential discretion.

              Check the Industrial Services Menu to the right for details on selected services.

              Services Include:

              • Vacuum Services
              • Hydro-Excavation
              • Filter Media Change-Out
              • Decontamination
              • Hydro-Blasting
              • Turn-Key Frac Tank Services
              • Ponds
              • Tank Services
              • Pressure Washing
              • Excavation
              • Emergency Response
              • Jetting (Lines, Pipes, Tanks)
              • Turn Arounds
              • Site Shutdowns & Closures